Ruthless Dragon Capitalists

some top faves from the festival skins this month!

Anonymous said: About a month ago I managed to find a nice, in demand, pastel pair and I finally got my hatchlings and priced them the same as the parents cost me. One of them sold already. Then someone comes in my thread, tells me my prices are too high, and then links to my competition with dragons with colors that are ALMOST the same. I started a new thread and deleted the old one to avoid further drama, but I don't know if it was the right thing to do. What would you do in this situation?




Oh my god. The only people who ever sell their hatchlings are richer more well known players! It’s not fair to the rest of us. Not to mention how expensive the dragons can be! 300k for a hatchling just because you’re well known on tumblr? I don’t fucking think so!!!


did someone say bitter dragon middle class?

some top picks for the carnivale. any perceived bias towards robots is utterly unfounded, why would you even think that

that second photo slot is where i would post an AH estimate of that sweet snake status symbol’s value except that there aren’t even any listed. 

hells yes

who says the economy is dead?  people with ugly dragons

- dragon-capitalists, real-life horrible people

who says the economy is dead?  people with ugly dragons

- dragon-capitalists, real-life horrible people


1) Should you make a tumblr fr-sideblog instead?

a: Yes


In quiz format!

1) Why do you want to make a hatchery?

a: I think it will be a fun way to organize my permanent pairs and I love making graphics!
b: I would like to make lots more money than I am making by selling my hatchlings on the auction house.

2) If you answered a above, leave the quiz and go make your fun hatchery.  If b: how much time are you willing to spend on this hatchery?

a: Lots of time.  Nigh-infinite time.  I will bump it as often as allowed.  I will advertise it on tumblr and I will keep it updated.  I will aggressively link it in the dragons wanted forums and I will ping people constantly.  I will ping people so much that it will start another round of pinging drama on dramarising.  I am committed.
b: I would like to set it up, sit back, and rake in the dough.

3) If you said b in response to question 2, do yourself a favor and leave the quiz.  Don’t make a hatchery, b-answerers.  if a: what’s your flight rising social sphere look like?

a: I’m a flight rising household name.  I’d tell you to look me up, but I’m popular enough that you probably don’t have to.
b: I play flight rising with my meatspace friends who are great and we are having so much fun and I want them to see all of my cool dragons in one place in my hatchery!
c: Honestly I am pretty sure that on the other side of the internet there’s mostly just a vast and terrifying expanse of ‘Ways My Social Anxiety Could Manifest.’

4) If you just responded c, the hatchery business is probably not your business.  You’re a champ!  But probably not a champ who should endeavor to make money via hatchery.  If you said a, continue.  If you said b, consider how you could become more like a, and if it’s worth it to make your hatchery a success.  Last question: how expensive and unique are your dragon pairs?

a: I have all these eyespot faes and ridgebacks in colors I think are adorable!
b: I have mostly imperials and skydancers but I have a rocking themed lair that’s on trend right now.
c: I have the hottest coatls on the block and people spontaneously message me asking to buy future hatchlings from my triple-gened pairs.

Congrats, you’ve finished the quiz!

If you answered question 4 with a, it will be hard for you to make a popular hatchery.  Maybe prioritize getting some higher-tier pairs to draw people into your hatchery before continuing.  If you made it all the way to question 4 and answered b or c, your hatchery has potential!  Go forth and make those graphics!

Hatcheries are a ton of work and rely a lot on your established social connections and the amount of time you put in.  Some people make them work, but honestly if you’re not going to enjoy making your hatchery and maintaining it, it’s probably not your best bet.  If you’re mad at me for being a downer about the potential success of your hatchery: that’s cool, bro, make your hatchery anyway!  You probably should have answered a on question 1 and left the quiz.  I’m just here to provide financial savvy, and my financial savvy says sell your hatchlings on the AH and use the time you save to grind the coli or snipe the MP.



Isozyme's and Melaniehopes's totally rad as fuck dragon hatchery, complete with a bunch of future dragon offspring you (yes, you) definitely want.


like, shit, what the hell was flight rising in august 2013

we actually made crazy treasure off of these pairs

we actually bred eyespot and shimmer dragons together 

look at those godawful tert ranges

results of dragon search for smoke dragon + hitting the preview button in ‘foresee progeny’ 125 times


Smoke versus:

  • Basic: 89% basic
  • Underbelly: 76% underbelly
  • Crackle: 46% crackle
  • Gembond: 10% gembond
  • Circuit: 1% circuit

K N O W L E D G E    I S    W E A L T H

D A T A    I S    M A T E R I A L    S U C C E S S