Ruthless Dragon Capitalists

birdsquirrel asked: Is there something opposite the tunics of shame? B/c my triple ice WC/Coat pair just laid 5 eggs.

Imma say…wreath of glory? Waistcoat of triumph? Flower crown of fertility? Cape of success? 

Is there a piece of apparel that looks as universally flattering on all dragons as much as tunics are universally an embarrassment?

(Also congrats on your hatchlings-to-be! Sell them for a fortune.)

Things we learned buying 25-odd dragons for our personal shopping service: hot damn dragons are expensive right now.


Dragon-capitalism is concerned about its public image again — time for a kind of giveaway!

If you’re a new user (and we’ll check, sorry crafty oldsters) and you desperately want dragons but cannot play any more shock switch or puzzles, we’ll buy the dragon you want off of the AH and send it to you for free.

If you want a 200kT iri-shim-circuit coatl and nothing else, or something so specific it doesn’t exist yet…we might not get that for you.  We appreciate your spirit!  We’ll send you a smaller care package and our best wishes.

Send us an ask (not a reblog!) with your username, your ID#, and what kind of dragon you want, and the first five people will get our personal dragon shopper service.  For example, some good asks would look like this:

"Hi I am TimGunnRox #55555, and I would like a super-fashionble skydancer or spiral with underbelly in subdued pastels!"


"Dear Dragon-Capitalists, I’m xXSadRussianSpyXx #50000 and I would like a shiny red-range/red-range/red-range dragon that would look good with communism and amnesia."

If you want to leave things in our capable hands, you can instead ask for the dragon-capitalist special, and we’ll buy you a breeding pair that we think will bring in CA$H MONIE$ for you in the future.  You don’t get any say in what they look like, but they’ll be 100% dragon-capitalist approved.


  1. twinkling #60631 from tumblr (pastel coatl)
  2. snubbull (special)
  3. Zaid (special)
  4. Velyanthe (circuit)
  5. Korozo from tumblr (white/yellow/yellow imp)
  6. Mimzywhimzy (special)
  7. fruitypatootie (special)
  8. chanyeol (special)
  9. Simmy27star (bright coatl)
  10. Shepherd (special)
  11. Draconequis (fiery coatl)
  12. absolutelus (special)
  13. Acantha (golden coatl)
  14. sparklesdani (special)
  15. IceQueen (special)
  16. Leaper (special)

EDIT: Closed for now! Thanks for signal boosting! We’re working diligently now on some wise purchases for some capitalists-in-training

EDIT 2: Open again!  Four more slots!  This is super fun, guys <3

EDIT 3: aaaaaand full again!

okay though in light of that last post

as a pretty established player who’s still ruthlessly making profits off of breeding dragons

if i get a clutch of hatchlings that i can’t sell for at least 15kT each, i never breed those dragons again and they are banished from my lair


Unless it’s just damned ugly


Please try not to sell double and / or triple gened hatchlings for 10k. Double gened hatchlings- and triple gened hatchlings, especially- are worth a lot more than 10k even if it’s a starter breed. Hell… Even single gened hatchlings are worth more than 10k.

Even if you do manage to hatch a really ugly gened dragon that you don’t think anyone will buy, exalt it instead of selling it for super cheap

Selling any gened hatchlings, really, for 10k does a lot of damage to the economy. The only hatchlings that should really be 10k at any given time are ungened ones.

Genes are not supposed to be that easy to obtain guys, c’mon.

I agree with your point, but I’ve got stuff to say about your reasoning.

Pre-newbie boom the proportion of ungened dragons in the auction house was less than 10% — genes are not going to be hard to get unless there is a serious paradigm shift.  Any one player isn’t gonna change that kind of imbalance, no matter how many of their hatchlings they exalt.  They’re just making themselves sad and cutting their own profits for the greater good.

However, I agree that looking at the base price for a set of genes and selling your dragon for that is not the way to have the most fun and make the most bank!  It causes everyone undue anxiety over the bottom price for dragons and is a huge bummer.

Price dragons however you feel like pricing them, but consider doing extra market research!  If a triple gened common is sold for 10k at the lowest, but an iri-shim-belly green-range spiral with a contrasting tert is selling for 55kT, consider selling your iri-shim-belly blue-range spiral with contrasting tert for a similar kind of 50kT-ish price.  It might work!

Or if market research is not your game and you get bored easily shuffling through the 200+ pages of a particular variety of gened imperials, just sell dragons however you want to, and we dragon-capitalists over here won’t blame you for the entire economic structure of flight rising.

Hatchmageddon Stats


22:22 4/18/14 - 60 pages of Basic/Basic/Basic Plentiful dragons (540 dragons)
00:55 4/19/14 - 108 pages of Basic/Basic/Basic Plentiful dragons (972 dragons)
02:05 4/19/14 - 142 pages of Basic/Basic/Basic Plentiful dragons (1278 dragons)
09:25 4/19/14 - 244 pages of Basic/Basic/Basic Plentiful dragons (2196 dragons)

Welcome, 20,000 new members!

May your dragons be fertile, your pockets lined with gold, and your desire to buy my cute hatchlings insatiable.

The short-term economic impact of the new user registration window has been delightful, remarkable, and swift — on April 2nd (two weeks ago) there were 2700 pages of dragons on the auction house, and now (after a couple of dominance wars and the arrival of new players) there are about 1300.  The price of a Death’s Head Stag familiar is 5kT.  Base price for hatchlings is 8kT.

It may not last very long, but it’s definitely fun to see what 20,000 new accounts does to the structure of the game, and I hope to see some longer-lasting consequences as this all plays out.


Your trusty dragon capitalists.

but.  but.  that was my first gilded chest in aaaaaaages D:
i was so good.  i didn&#8217;t buy any off of the auction house for like, months!  i made this one all by myself by hugging familiars a lot!
and it is this :( :( :(
oh, flight rising. you and your silly glitches


oh, flight rising. you and your silly glitches


Quick dragon-capitalist tip:

If you aren’t already including your dragon’s ID numbers in their sales/studding posts, start doing that.